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If you’re not being rejected, then you’re failing

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Rejection is hard. Nobody really enjoys rejection, and it’s hard to think of rejection as something that you should be seeking out. But if you aren’t being rejected on a weekly or even daily basis, then you are failing. Here’s why… If you aren’t being rejected, that means one of two things: 1. You are underpricing yourself OR 2. You are not being proactive …

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How to convince someone to work with you

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Your ability to make it as a freelancer totally hinges on your ability to convince someone to become a paying client. If you can’t do that, your freelance journey will come to a very quick end. There are a ton of articles, podcasts, interviews and so on about tactics and negotiation…but it’s important to understand the real, core reasons someone …

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How to avoid competition as a freelancer

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There are a lot of reasons why someone may choose not to work with you. They may think that the price is too high, the timing isn’t right, they don’t need your service, or they may even choose to go with your competition instead. More and more people are beginning to freelance, and, naturally, some of them will be your …